Social Studies Curriculum: Kindergarten-First Grade


Suggested Curriculum Outlined for students Kindergarten-First Grade. Covers U.S. History, U.S. Government, World Cultures and Ancient Civilizations.


  • Ancient Civilizations and Heritage Overview: The overall objective is to give a simple and brief introduction to different cultures around the world and to understand when they began to develop. Students will also learn to recognize how some things can endure, even thousands of years: Science, Engineering, Art, Beliefs, Stories, Culture and Traditions. Bit by bit, students should also begin to grasp a basic understanding of the world map and where different countries are located in relation to their location. We also strive to have a goal of people and cultural appreciation as around the globe, we are becoming more and more a mixed society.
  • United States: As we are based in the U.S., we find it important to educate students on our history, culture, and traditions. In this introductory curriculum, we start with a foundation education of the symbols of America and their meaning, as well as background behind holidays we celebrate, rather they be purely American or adopted from other countries and cultures. We also give students an introduction to America‚Äôs Government and the meaning of Democracy.
  • Embrace differences


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