Science Curriculum: Grades 2-4


Suggested Science Curriculum for students in grades 2-4. If your student is more advanced, would recommend the Science Curriculum for students in grades 4-6.


Earth and Space Science Overview:

Unit 1: This Curriculum provides the outline for a basic understanding of the Solar System and how Earth’s position and revolution around the sun affects the Planet.

Unit 2: Gain an understanding of why and how the Earth’s surface looks the way it does and that it is in a constant state of change.

Unit 3: Begin to understand the factors that affect weather and climate, and the affect that weather and climate can have on the Earth and on Life.

Physical Science Overview:

Unit 4: Review what Matter is and it’s different states. Learn how to observe, measure, and describe matter, it’s properties, and it’s chemical and physical changes. Begin to recognize the different types of energy and the different ways energy can be transferred.

Unit 5: Develop a basic understanding of the relationship between electricity, magnetism, and motion. Learn to observe the different patterns of the motion of waves. Learn how light reflection allows objects to be seen.

Life Science Overview:

Unit 6: Be able to describe how cells and molecules develop to create an Organism. Describe different types of cells and their parts and functions. Learn how animals and plants change over time through hereditary traits to be able to survive.

Unit 7: Students will develop a basic understanding of how the major systems in the human body work and what their purposes are. Students will also be introduced to Eco-systems and how they work, how and why separate ecosystems in different places work differently from each other, and how they are important to more than just the life that makes up the ecosystems.


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