Our Method

We very much believe in student led education. This means that we teach based off of the individual student, rather than what standards dictate. Given the opportunity, students are more likely to succeed if you teach based off of their interests and at a rate suitable for them. Often students experience burn-out or boredom if they are caught on a subject for too long. The important thing is to keep advancing and periodically review.

Our products are labeled with suggested grade levels, but these are only a relative guide. Some students may be more advanced and need a higher grade level curriculum and some may need to slow down and drop a grade level. Our products are for sale individually, so if your student is in need of a 3rd grade math curriculum but needs a 5th grade science curriculum, that can be done.

At times, you may not be sure what your student needs. You can feel free to contact me through our contact page with any questions you may have or if you just need help making an informed decision on what grade level products may be best for you and your student.