Social Studies Curriculum – Grades 2-4


Curriculum for students in grades 2-4.


This curriculum covers standards such as U.S. History and Government, fulfilling lessons that cover the basics of the Branches of Government and the Role of the U.S. President, a review of the Revolutionary War, it’s causes, purpose, and outcome, and other major events in U.S. history such as slavery, the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, Native American History, 9/11 and the war on terror and the role and function of the U.S. Military Branches. These subjects are covered in a way so that students can truly understand American History and how we have developed into the country that we are today.

Students will also spend a unit discovering the depths, geography and history of their own home state and culture. As well as an overview of the differences between different states and regions in the U.S. as a whole.

As is a standard with us, there will also be segments of the curriculum focused on Ancient Civilizations and history in an effort to support and motivate students own natural interest and understanding of the world as a whole, including cultures and peoples.



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