Science Curriculum: Kindergarten-First Grade


Recommended science curriculum for students Kindergarten-First Grade. Includes topics in Earth Space Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Health Science, Chemistry and Environmental Science.


Earth and Space Science/ Physical Science: Science curriculum that serves as a general introductory outline to the science we see in everyday life. Students will learn abut the cause and affects of the seasons, learn about the concepts of natural forces and energy. Students will also learn about the surface of the Earth and what has caused it to look the way it does due to different processes both natural and man-made, opening up to the topic of environmental science.

Life Science: Students will be introduced to the differences of living and non-living things and their characteristics. Students will also learn about the different needs, parts, responses, adaptations and reproductive processes that animals and plants go through and how these are important for their survival.

Health Science: Students will learn the basics of nutrition and how good/bad nutrition can affect your body and overall health. They will also learn about the basics of general first aid, and why the process of disinfecting and protecting are important. Students will also be introduced to germs and bacteria, what they are and what they do as well as how they spread.


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