Hello everyone! My name is Sarah. I am the mother of FIVE children. Four are my own and one is my step-son. Their ages as of this article are 8, 5, 3, 2 and 2 1/2. Yes, it is a handful, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Started with one, and realized there was nothing I would rather do than to be a Mom. Of course, I have my days of exhaustion and frustration but, what overwhelmed parent doesn’t? My children each have their own version of wild and crazy, and at times my job is simply just to make sure I don’t go crazy myself. But, then there are days when they all perfectly get along and all have fun, maybe even play together, and in the mix of it possibly even learned something new or maybe I even managed to finished my to-do list (shhh…almost never). I’m imperfect, most are, the point is to accept it but still to try your best.

This blog should hopefully help all you parents out there, mothers and fathers, to learn about a few things, maybe laugh, possibly draw comparisons between your own situation, even have the opportunity to ask questions or share your own stories. This blogs overall purpose is to be REAL. Show support for each other, not put anyone down, and withdraw from the idea that we can all be perfect, spot on, soccer moms. This will get away from the Pinterest pefect birthday parties and settle for the reality of what your three old “actually cares about” and get you away from making food into shapes and animals because honestly, that doesn’t make your kid want to eat those vegetables, it just makes them want to play with them. They are smarter than you think, and tricking them with food is going to take a bit more than cutting it with a cookie cutter.